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Education Law: Education Lawyers in Los Angeles

Our education lawyers at Kosnett Law Firm work with students from grade school to grad school in public and private schools and higher education institutions throughout Central and Southern California. School law encompasses a vast array of matters, including important constitutional issues involving free speech, search and seizure, freedom of religion, and due process. Through our extensive work in the field of education law, we encounter issues across the spectrum, including:

  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • Academic and Grading Disputes
  • Testing
  • Residency and Transfers
  • Disability
  • Special Education/IEPs
  • Transcripts, Degrees, Diplomas, and Credits
  • Personal Injury
  • Financial Aid
  • Sports Eligibility
  • Discrimination

Through our legal work, our firm has enabled student athletes to compete at the high school and college levels and medical students to become interns. We have defeated allegations of cheating on national and local tests, plagiarism, drug, alcohol and sexual abuse, violence and threats of violence, and theft. In a case typical of our practice, we recently represented a 14-year-old middle school student suspected of possessing contraband who was subjected to a complete strip search in the principal’s office. Whatever the situation, our primary focus is on the long-term interests of the student or client. Thus, we often utilize confidential settlements that both protect the privacy of the client and allow the client to move forward in his or her education and career.

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In addition to dealing with student issues, we have also represented teachers in disputes with the school board, the union, and the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This aspect of our practice coincides with our work in both criminal defense and professional licensing. In addition, we have represented private schools before the state and federal Departments of Education and are one of the few firms dealing with both public and private schools. We have successfully resolved disputes involving school districts, trade schools, religious schools, colleges, and universities. Your special education attorneys in Los Angeles.

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When your future or your child’s future is at stake, you can’t afford to trust your legal affairs to an inexperienced attorney who is unfamiliar with the law in this area. As one of Los Angeles’ premier education law firms, our education attorneys are prepared to represent you or your child’s interests in any school law matter. Contact Kosnett Law Firm today for a free consultation today at 310-751-0446.