Administrative Law

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What is administrative law?

Administrative law is a public branch of law concerning the creation and operation of administrative agencies. It governs the administration and regulation of governmental units, including legal agency-to-agency relationships and the rules agencies make. Administrative law also regulates the scope of agency authority, particularly regarding individual privacy and access to government information. Government agencies have a primary purpose of protecting the public interest and administrative law ensures that this obligation remains fulfilled.

Administrative bodies — such as the Medical Board of California, Board of Registered Nurses, Board of Dentistry, Board of Chiropractors, Department of Labor, the Federal Communications Commission, and many more — are the entities that create and enforce administrative law. These agencies may be considered executive, legislative, or independent, with the classifications determining its power source, issue regulations, and enforcement capabilities.

The practice of administrative law includes legal representation of institutions, businesses, and individuals who appear before these regulatory agencies. The Los Angeles administrative lawyers of Kosnett Law Firm have years of experience in this complex area of practice.
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