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Your child’s school has a legal responsibility to provide them with the kind of education they are entitled to receive under state and federal laws. If you suspect that the school is not providing the right kind of education, you can take legal action against the school. We can offer you the legal advice you need to advocate your child’s case on your own. We can also offer competent legal representation for your child and yourself. In other words, we can offer whatever legal help you need depending upon your unique situation.

Know Your Rights

Education Law relates to teachers, schools, and American students’ right to public education. It also specifies the standards for students attending private schools.

Right to Education and Equal Opportunities

Many parents and educationists are concerned about equality in education. States within the US have enacted several laws to ensure that all children receive an adequate education regardless of who they are or where they come from. The Equal Education Opportunities Act of 1974 forbids states from denying equal educational opportunities to a student on the basis of their color, race, national origin, and sex. If you are facing any issues in this area, you can contact us for consultation and we will come up with a solution most suited for you and your child’s future.

Education Standards

The standards for public and private education are also governed by education laws. The standards for assessing the achievements of students and the performance of teachers are set forth by state laws. These standards may be affected by rules and regulations imposed by the Department of Education. These laws usually specify minimum credit hours, standardized testing, compulsory subjects of study, and so on.

Special Education Law

Special education should be available for disabled children. If the disability adversely affects the educational performance of a child, s/he qualifies for special education. The process for assessing a child’s need for special education is established by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. All states are required to follow the guidelines specified by the Federal Act. If a school denies your child their right for equal and adequate education, you can take legal action.

What We Can Do

We are education attorneys with a thorough understanding of state and federal laws and regulations regarding education. We know the legal rights of the parents and the children. We can offer the legal guidance you need to act as an advocate for your child.

At Kosnett Law Firm, we have been representing parents and children for over 10 years, andstudents are our chief concern. We want to ensure that they receive the quality education that will equip them with the skills they need to become successful adults.

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I am an alumni adviser for a fraternity at USC. The chapter was involved in a disciplinary action with the university. After receiving unusually harsh and unfair sanctions from a student/faculty review committee, our chapter sought counsel from James Kosnett. He attended a hearing with USC administrators, and prepared a compelling written appeal.

-Thanks to James Kosnett we won our appeal..

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