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Unfortunately, it is common for children to be mistreated at school by teachers, staff, or fellow students. If you feel that your child has been the victim of mistreatment or discrimination, contact a Los Angeles education law attorney at Kosnett Law Firm. We have extensive knowledge of the federal regulations regarding education and will help you stand up for your child’s rights under these laws.

There are many situations where it would be wise for you to seek the help of a knowledgeable education law attorney:

  • Your child has been a victim of discrimination. It is unlawful for a school to discriminate based on sex, race, religion, national origin, or skin color.
    • How we can help: We will assist you in filing a complaint with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. However, if the issue is not resolved and you wish to take the matter to court, you will need an experienced attorney.
  • Your child has been suspended or expelled, but you think a lesser punishment would have been more acceptable or appropriate.
    • How we can help: In these cases, it is vital to seek legal help. We can appeal the suspension or expulsion to the local school board or to court. This could get the charges lessened or even dropped. These charges can greatly affect your child’s permanent record and possibly hurt his or her chances for a college education.
  • Your child has been sexually abused or harassed. This harassment could come from a member of the school staff or another student.
    • How we can help: Federal and state education laws protect students from such harassment, and we can help you fight for your child’s personal rights.
  • The school of your child with special needs has refused to provide the proper educational opportunities.
    • How we can help: Children have a right to an evaluation to find their special needs and develop an individual education plan (IEP). An education attorney in Los Angeles can help you resolve these disputes through an impartial administrative and legal process.

If your child has experienced any of these difficulties in school, our education law firm employs lawyers who work exclusively in education law. They are familiar with federal education regulations, school district organization and rules, and children’s educational rights. With experience in negotiation, arbitration, and trial litigation, education lawyers can provide you with exactly the type of legal assistance you need every step of the way.

Kosnett Law Firm is an education law firm that provides outstanding legal assistance for parents and their children. Our lawyers have decades of experience, drawing on past cases to provide our clients with their best legal options. To work with one of the best Los Angeles education law firms, contact us online today or call us at 310-751-0446.

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I am an alumni adviser for a fraternity at USC. The chapter was involved in a disciplinary action with the university. After receiving unusually harsh and unfair sanctions from a student/faculty review committee, our chapter sought counsel from James Kosnett. He attended a hearing with USC administrators, and prepared a compelling written appeal.

-Thanks to James Kosnett we won our appeal..

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