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Kosnett Law Firm provides an incomparable service to a student, doctor, nurse, teacher, realtor, or other licensed professional, dealing with all aspects of any problem at college, public or private school, board or agency, criminal or administrative or civil proceeding. We handle expulsions, disciplinary proceedings, licensing issues, criminal charges, arbitrations, mediations, civil lawsuits, expungements, fee disputes and tax controversies, in all courts and administrative venues, State & Federal. The firm policy is to provide a free consultation, on the telephone or in office, to every person or business needing legal advice or representation. Their unmatched reputation in Southern California extends into Northern California and throughout the United States, with international practice in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe & Asia. Kosnett Law Firm’s record of success is second to none.

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Kosnett Law Firm combines the talents of James Victor Kosnett , an Administrative law attorney specializing in Education law
and Professional Licensing, with those of his son, Louis V. Kosnett, specializing in Criminal Law & Civil Litigation.

– James Victor Kosnett

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Kosnett Law Firm is a Los Angeles law firm serving all of Southern and Central California in the areas of administrative, education, employment, and criminal law. Our clients range from licensed professionals facing disciplinary issues to applicants for licensure, students at every grade level, workers and employers, and criminal defendants, both juvenile and adult.


Since 1990, the attorneys at Kosnett Law Firm have represented clients at more than a thousand hearings before federal and state agencies, school boards, universities, and federal and state courts. This extensive breadth of experience gives us the ability to capably and confidently help clients with many different issues over a wide range of areas. To read what some of our former clients have said about their experience with the firm, visit our testimonials page. At Kosnett Law Firm, we measure success by the results we achieve and the satisfaction our clients have with our representation. We put our clients